Some of my recently made one of a kind knives.
I started my journey in the knife world from the wrong end. The very first thing I learned was how to make pattern welding. My teacher was Algirdas Stankus from Lithuania. It took a time to make knives out of it. It all started in 1989 and for many years, I made knives exclusively with damascus blades. And damascus was all made by me.
However, every thing has it's time and place. You can be exited by it only for so long. And one day I realized I'm not in love with pattern welding as a process anymore! It was done!
But I still liked to use it. So here are some recent knives I made, using damascus made by others.

A dagger. 
Made for a mini exhibition I held in September 2020. 
Blade about 26 cm long. 
Blade -  damascus by Achim Wirtz.
Handle - silver, iron (mild steel) and Elforyn.
Picture by Toomas Huik.

A knife. How would you call it?
Feather damascus blade
Handle - silver, mild steel and desert ironwood.
Damascus by  Gregory Verizhnikov.
Picture by Toomas Huik

A different kind of chef's knife!
With damascus blade.
Silver, mild steel, shibuichi and grenadill in the handle.
Damascus is Zladinox.

Award winner from 2019. More pictures.
Damascus blade.
Handle made of silver, mild steel and grenadill. 
Damascus made by Achim Wirtz
Picture by Toomas Huik