Here are some  previous works.  
Mostly puukko-influenced knives. Traditional northern knives have always been a great source of inspiration and a good starting point for further designing.

Most of the good pictures are made by Toomas Huik. Not all, but most.

Various knives for various purposes - hunters, daggers, kitchen knives, fighters. Some are for use, some for not. Nevertheless - every knife is constructed in the way that it will stand a use.
Other than knives. Tsuba, damascus rings.

Some old works from the beginning of my career as a knifemaker. Cast silver and bronze with stones. Very different from my current style, it was a time when I was looking for my own way. Inspiration came from very different sources - history, customers requests, B-category movies etc.
Note that the very last knife in this gallery - a fighter with celtic ornament - is stolen! If you should ever see it, please do let me know!

I strongly believe that no good work will come without careful planning. Here is the way I start every knife I make. Most are already made, some remain just on paper. However - ideas seldom disappear and features created in scetches, usually find a way to an actual work.