Chef’s knife is an attempt to find a new use for a decades long experience in knife making. The goal was to make a kitchen knife so good, that proffessionals would approve it. Obviously, it had to look good as well.

With the help from some very good chefs, it was finally achieved!

In the chef's knife, the blade is approximately 21 cm long, overall lenght close to 35 cm.

Made of high quality stainless steel, hardness 60 HRC.

Tombak, Corian and teak are used for handle. Very asymmetrical!

Price for the knife is 270 euros. Shipping is free within Estonia.

Here are a few pictures of the chef's knife. First, there is two knives in the picture, one for left and other for right hand. Then ther is a view from back of a left hand chef's knife. Gives a better understanding of a complex shape.